Thursday, April 09, 2009

Hubby's home -- and crazy cat updates....

All is well here -- hubby's home, the cleaning person came, there is domestic bliss.

  • Hubby was home when I got home from teaching last night. He told me it only took the Minion 5 minutes to get kicked out of the office... I told him the Minion must have been sleepy, he usually accomplishes those offenses more quickly.
  • I have a file on my desktop titled "article.doc0p-=" -- it used to be something else -- until one of the cats stepped on my keyboard.
  • The Minion has taken to going high up on the office bookshelves. Being tall people and all, Hubby and I have stuff up there. Right now we have a stereo, a small TV and a thing to put the ipod in so that the sound comes out of speakers... all of this equipment seems to be a tempting obstacle course for the Minion. The Queen looks at him with disgust -- and then fights with him when he comes down.
  • To say that I'm happy that kittens turn into big-fat-sleeping cats is an understatement... when will it happen?


Seeking Solace said...

Maybe the kitties have a file you don't know about, hence the file-name.

Anonymous said...

The transition from active cat to not-so happens around 10 lbs. After that they are just plain too heavy to get up to a lot of mischief!

BTW my word verification is "anylized" which is how some of my students would spell "analyzed".... Stands to reason -that's how it sounds!