Friday, April 03, 2009

Another sign it's a wonderful world..

It's a wonderful world when I can do the following:

  1. Call a person from India who has lived in Red State a long time.
  2. Order Indian food from the best place in the world... (don't get me started, it is better than in India --according to some food critic --- but, for sure it's better than your local Indian place in the US).
  3. Get that food in 15 minutes, so we can have it for lunch and the leftovers for dinner.
  4. Have Girl Scout cookies for desert -- while reading a book.


Balou said...

I have Louis Armstrong in my head now! So, disclose the Indian restaurant to die for. Better yet, let's go for lunch some Saturday in the near future!

Inside the Philosophy Factory said...

I'd love to go to lunch -- but, we can't go to the Indian place unless you want to come to Omaha....

Balou said...

Oh dang! Do they deliver? Maybe we need to investigate and find the holy curry tinged grail of Indian cuisine in the Twin Cities. Good summer project?