Monday, April 20, 2009

Cat update...

The Minion is as long as the Queen -- from shoulders to tail, they are the same length.

She's still bigger than he is.

She's still taller than he is.

Hubby reminded me that I'm still bigger than both of them. I'm worried that I'm not smarter and that they're more determined to get their way.


Anonymous said...

You may as well face fact - they ARE smarter and they will always get their way - eventually!

Inside the Philosophy Factory said...

We had the same three cats for 12 years, we called them the Supreme Court -- because they'd been together so long.

I realize now that none of the Supreme Court cats were very bright -- and that it's much easier to live with non-bright cats. Even then, I thought they were probably smarter than Hubby and I -- after all, who got to sleep in the sun all day and who went out in the snow and cold to earn cat food and pay their rent?