Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Whatever, Marth... my new favorite TV show!

First of all --- a disclaimer... I secretly love Martha Stewart. I've even considered doing some of the things I've seen on her show... I also have a sign outside my apartment door that says "Martha Stewart doesn't live here".

So, of course I love "Whatever, Martha" -- which is a show in which Alexis Stewart and her friend watch old segments of Martha's show and 'comment' on them -- in their own sarcastic way. The show seems to have Martha's blessing -- so the commentary isn't uber-harsh, but it does reflect what us 'normal' people tend to think while watching the show -- plus Alexis' unique point of view as Martha's daughter.

The show is on FLN -- really, watch it.... especially if you've ever been intimidated by Martha's domestic prowess... her daughter puts it into perspective.

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