Monday, September 29, 2008

How to get a D in philosophy....

There are several quick and easy steps to a D on a philosophy paper... really, this is a modular system, so you can do the following as it suits you...

1) Ignore your instructor who tells you to do the earlier philosophers, who really are easier than the later ones.

2) Ignore your instructor who tells you to start your paper early.

3) Don't take reading notes and try to figure it out yourself.

4) Don't do a quick google search on the author's name and the kind of philosophy they do -- because that won't get you anyplace, right?

5) If the assignment is to read, report and object -- leave off the "object" part, because you say you agree with the philosopher. Nobody actually agrees with these guys-- (and one feminist).

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Dr. Crazy said...

I see that your standards for a D are roughly the same as mine : they really have to *try* to earn a D... about as much as they could have tried for a B or an A :)