Thursday, September 04, 2008

Do you teach on-line?

If you teach on-line, I need some information....

1) How many students are in your on-line class?

2) How does that class cap relate to your face to face class?

3) In my college, after the second semester, the on-line enrollment is the same as the face to face enrollment -- this may work in classes with a limit of 30, but it is also the case in philosophy courses with a limit of 50. -- Am I crazy to think this is completely unreasonable?


Dr. Crazy said...

This is completely unreasonable.

I'm teaching online for the first time this semester. The course is an upper-level course and it is writing intensive. A similar course in the traditional classroom would be capped at 25. The online class is capped at 17. That seems about right to me.

Donna said...

Our cap for online classes is 30 UNLESS the face-to-face cap is lower (such as our 28 cap for English classes). And, the cap for first time teachers of online classes is 25. We fought hard for that limit. 50 does NOT make sense in any way. The one-on-one demands on time are different than teaching face-to-face. End of story.

Community College Prof

~profgrrrrl~ said...

We cap at 20 either way. If an online class goes over due to enrollment needs, you get a TA.

Rhonda said...

I taught a writing class online, and both the face-to-face and online versions were capped at 24. BUT--if my online class dropped below 16, they paid me per student (the per-class rate was 16 times the per-student rate, so every one over 16 was "free," I guess). That was not the case with the face-to-face courses, although they rarely ran with fewer than 20 anyway.

I did not, however, have to design the course. The syllabus, assignments, and the entire online framework were already set up for me, down to the creation of weekly discussion forums. I basically just moderated and graded.