Wednesday, September 24, 2008

A few thank yous...

Besides Mom and Hubby --- who can't be thanked sufficiently in a year of blog posts... there are a few people I wish I could thank personally -- but, I've either lost track, or didn't know their names at all...

First -- the radiologist who found my lump. He kept looking because he wasn't satisfied with the rad tech's results. He poked around with the sonogram and found a lump I couldn't feel. He then decided, immediately to do a biopsy. Quite literally, those actions might well have saved my life.

Second -- the recovery nurse who took care of me after my lumpectomy. My surgeon came in, told me I'd need chemo and left again. I was nauseous,in a daze and clearly was about to cry. He took my hand, told me that chemo wasn't nearly as bad as it looked on TV and reassured me that the new anti-nausea drugs were amazing. He was so right... and he reassured me when I needed it, talk about good nursing.

Third -- all the people who have told me their cancer stories. From the BNstate radio personality who had breast cancer last year, and talked about it on the radio -- to everyone who responded to my news with 'my mom/sister/aunt/friend had breast cancer years ago and is still going strong.' Every one is encouraging and welcome. The news that there is life after breast cancer is very welcome -- and I'm looking forward to being able to tell my own 'I had breast cancer once' story.

Fourth -- the people who set up the 'in network' chain of a good clinic, the breast center, a good hospital and a very professional oncology clinic. I don't know how all those negotiations happened, but I'm happy to be in that chain. I've also, so far, been quite satisfied with my insurance company itself... since the little glitch of them initially no approving an ER visit which started with a call to 911 -- things have been good. I've asked several questions and had decent answers. What more could I ask for?

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Minnesota Matron said...

Hear, hear! I'm glad you have support and love coming at you! I can't remember if you've read my cancer story or I told you about my brief bout with carcinoid cancer. The person I'll never forget is a nurse on the phone, calling my cell (while driving the van with ALL the children) to tell me the results of the tumor's cell analysis--done in Pennsylvania where the best carcinoid doc works.

Her words: "We're mailing the full report but I wanted to tell you, in person sort of, that the tumor is thin and ineffective. You should go on with your life and not worry about this one whit. Now, I need you to talk to me so I KNOW you understand and won't worry. The cancer will never ever come back."

Now, of course nobody can promise that, but she was so kind and carried such beautiful news, that I'll always remember that phone call. And the profound gratitude for life that cancer, even a weak thin cancer, gave me.

I hope you hear similar words!!