Friday, September 19, 2008

Scenes from a Friday night...

  • I'm already in my PJs -- it is 7:00....
  • I've just finished a Marie Calendar pot pie -- yummmmm.... but, they take forever to cook. 20 minutes to get the oven to 400, plus 48 minutes to cook.. I only have that kind of time over the weekend.
  • Hubby is playing a computer game and I'm writing this.
  • We are listening to "Dirty Dancing" as it plays on HBO. We (rather I) have a rule, if "Dirty Dancing" is on, it must be watched....
  • Part of me wanted to BE Baby -- now Hubby is alternating between making real-time suggestions to changes in the content and being the movie critic. I still don't care -- I wanted to be Baby -- and I'm sticking to it.
  • We should have named New Kitty "Baby" -- because "nobody puts Baby in a corner".
  • New Kitty is not so subtly snubbing Hubby -- after she forgave him and slept on his feet last night. This is a new variation, as last time she did a complete snub before she forgave.
  • Old Kitty is just hanging around being a good boy -- except he likes to wash his feet in his water bowl, an he can't keep the water IN the bowl.

I like Friday nights like this -- we are just being us... and we are all together.

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