Sunday, September 21, 2008

A Sunday -- in two parts...

Normally, at least this semester, Hubby goes back to Red State on Monday.... This week he has important stuff to do tomorrow (send him good vibes, please!) -- so he'll leave this afternoon.

So -- this morning -- a little coffee, a drive to Big University to return books, lunch at a local joint that will be on Diners, Drive-ins and Dives in November -- then he hits the road out of here...

This afternoon -- I'll go to the gym, maybe somewhere for some more coffee and grading, a trip to CostCo for food and then back home for some TV or a rented movie.

Dang it, I hate the long distance thing -- a lot. One way or the other we'll be living together next year -- even if the job market fails to see his brilliance and he ends up going to law school instead, we'll be living in the SAME hovel.... a hovel that allows us to have cats.


~profgrrrrl~ said...

Yeah, this LD thing is crap! Hope your afternoon activities take your mind off things a bit.

Workaholic Philosopher said...

(I tried to leave this comment earlier, but I don't know if I succeeded. I don't do this sort of thing often.)

I’ve been reading your blog since I was on a fellowship leave two years ago and had some time to do something besides work. I am also a female philosophy prof in a long-distance marriage (with another philosophy prof). We’re both tenured. But our commute is cross-country: he’s on the east coast and I’m on the west. By my calculations, we manage to get about 6 months together over the course of a regular year because we’re on different calendars. (He’s on semesters and I’m on quarters.) So, we can extend summers and holiday breaks, and have two spring breaks. Still the time apart gets old, and I know very well the blues of those “good-bye” days. We’ve done this for years.

But, the end of our long-distance commuting is now in view! I will be starting a tenured position at a university about a 3-hour drive away from my husband’s university next Fall. That’s all good for us—now we will have weekends together during the year, depending on how much driving we can stand. The down side is that we’d rather live in the west, but, to be honest, the job I’m moving to is a much better position. So, it’s hard to complain.

I enjoy your blog and find it refreshing to hear that you have a life outside of work, despite your teaching load. With my (undergrad) teaching load (grading, grading, grading), research commitments and service to the university, I work a lot, especially when I’m alone.

I also love cats, by the way, and I hope to get one or two when I get settled on the east coast and my husband and I have more of a normal life!

Inside the Philosophy Factory said...

Welcome to the blog -- please feel free to comment as often as you'd like!

I'm happy to hear you'll be closer! A 3 hour drive will seem like being next door! Our commute is 6 hours, and while it can be done in a weekend -- doing it every weekend isn't quite possible. I can see alternating 3 hour drives working pretty well, especially with a cleverly chosen teaching schedule.