Tuesday, September 30, 2008

What not to do -- prof with breast cancer edition...

Dear Students,

I may have no hair and one boob -- BUT, you will not be able to use an aunt with breast cancer to get an extension on your papers.

I received this at 6:15 AM -- he sent it at about 1:00 AM...

This is X from your 7:45 class. My Aunt has stage 3-4 breast cancer that has spread to her lymph nodes. She has recently gone through the double mastectomy and i will be at her bedside tomorrow, i will turn in my work asap but family comes first. I would like to learn more about the disease from you if i can thatnk you.

Context -- they've had 8 readings they could write about -- today the last possible one is due. His is due in class at 7:45. Obviously, his work isn't done... duh.

What I'd like to say:

Hey Dumbass,

Did she have an emergency double mastectomy in the middle of the night? I think not -- mine took at least a week to schedule...

In fact, you really sicken me -- when they took my boob they didn't take my brain, nor did chemo reduce my critical thinking skills. Trying to use my breast cancer as a way to connect with me to get an extension is bullshit.

Further, I'm sure this IS a lie -- to some degree. If you are, right now, at your aunt's bedside -- GO AWAY... she needs to sleep, you moron. She doesn't want her nephew hanging around.

Finally, you can have an AUNT with breast cancer and do your work. There will be plenty of time to help a woman with stage 3-4 breast cancer. Next week go over and clean her house on your day off. Drive her to chemo. Go get her groceries. Do her laundry. Rake her yard and walk her dog. All of those things are compatible with writing your paper about feminist philosophy.

As a move, this was a really bone-headed one -- not cool, not effective.


Seeking Solace said...

That takes a lot of stones for a sutdent to do something like that! It's just wrong.

Rhonda said...

Somebody needs to explain some things to that kid. I'm not saying you should spend any of your time doing it, but someone definitely needs to.

Holy shinola.

Inside the Philosophy Factory said...

What I actually said -- no extension and that having cancer is a long process and he needs to be able to balance being with his aunt and his other commitments. I said that even on the day of my mastectomy or the first day of chemo, I could have spared my husband long enough to turn in papers.

Breena Ronan said...

That is very, very lame. I know that it is just in some people's character to test the limits and see what they can get away with, but seriously? What is wrong with that guy!?!

Rose said...

I love your commentary. I once had a TA in a large lecture course who was blind. He was a great teacher and a great guy. But the students tried to con him all the time, sometimes in my presence. I have never gotten over that.