Wednesday, September 10, 2008

New Kitty on the run....

I was on the way into the apartment with a cart full of Costco goodies when New Kitty got out.

Usually she takes the first right -- which is a dead-end at the elevator... but this time she saw it was a dead end and kept on running.

She ran all the way down the hall -- the length of the building --- with me behind her, yelling her name.

Every once in a while she'd slow down and sniff at someone's door -- just until I caught up with her, then she'd sprint down the hall some more. I really think she was looking for Hubby -- expecting him to open one of those doors and let her in.

Finally I caught her at the other end of the hall -- because it dead-ends down there too...

1 comment:

Psych Post Doc said...

Poor New Kitty, little did she know she lives a life of dead ends.

Glad you caught up with her.