Thursday, September 11, 2008


Three vivid memories...

1) Seeing the second plane go into the tower, live on TV. I don't usually watch morning news, but I happened to turn it on because I wanted to get a jump on some boring grading.. of course, things were already nuts --- and one station had the first tower fire in a minimized screen. Pretty quickly the second tower was hit. I went in to tell sleeping Hubby -- and when I told him both planes were jumbo-jets he woke pretty quickly.

2) We ended up with a few debaters at our place all day. Somehow Hubby and I were surrogate family for them -- they felt comfortable with us and we had two computers so they could check on-line news often and watch CNN. Later I found out that the IE (individual events, like poetry reading etc) gathered and watched MTV news for their information...

3) I hoped to God that GW Bush wouldn't be somehow killed while he was in Omaha -- I didn't want to live in the place where the President died on 9/11. I knew he was in a safe place, as he was in the area Hubby used to work in... but someone could get him on the way in or out, or crash a plane into him or something... It was weird seeing Bush go into the doors I used to wait for Hubby by --- and it was weird seeing the on-base neighborhood we'd just moved out of protected by armed guards.

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