Sunday, September 21, 2008

Feeling spikey and at loose ends...

Hubby's visit was too short -- and he has a challenge in the next week that I think I could help him with if I were in Red State... So, I'm feeling quite torn. I'd love to be down there rubbing his feet and making him comfort food, but my job is here.

It seems to me like it is Monday night and that I got cheated out of a Sunday with hubby. It seems like I'll have to teach tomorrow... but I don't teach until Tuesday.

After hubby left, I'd intended to go to the gym and then for coffee to grade, but lunch upset my tummy a bit and I decided it would be better to stay close to home -- or, at least out of the pool... so I did.

I got the minimum amount of grading done so that I can face my classes on Tuesday. I found that watching Eddie Izzard while grading papers on Kant and Mill helps a lot.

I have some laundry folded and more is in the machine.

I watched the candidates on 60 minutes -- and didn't really hear anything that changed my mind --although I am less scared of the old guy winning, as it might be ok...

I also ended up with a Dean meeting in the time I normally go home to take a nap on Tuesdays -- maybe I'll call tomorrow to see if I can change that, as I don't know if I should try to do a long Tuesday without a nap. Maybe I can get the appointment moved to a day or two later in the week.

On the plus side -- next weekend I'll be (I hope) meeting a cool blogger on the way to a fun weekend with my mom and great aunt. It will be a good weekend with fun, funny and wise women.... maybe that is what I need.

Also, Mom and I are planning to go visit Hubby in Red State. I think she's realizing that I could end up there forever and ever, so she should see a bit more of it than you can see from the highway... Also, there are just so many good places to eat -- and I think I'll be able to do the mild versions of some of my favorites by the time we go down there... ymmmm. Also, that will mean 3 weekends with hubby IN A ROW!!! Yippeee!

I think I'll eat a little something and go to bed early. There seems to be a string of Simpsons episodes on, so maybe a little TV in bed will put me in a better mood.

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