Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Calling out Republicans on sexism re Palin...

Right now, on the radio, I'm hearing Campbell Brown call out the Republicans on their behavior toward Palin.... and she's right to do so.

Brown's contention is that they are preventing Palin from being interviewed -- and thus not letting her show how strong she is. Brown argues that all other candidates have to face reporters etc... and treating Palin differently is sexist, as well as no way to support the claim that she should be the VP.

Oh shock, Republicans acting sexist -- who'd have thought?

Of course, I am completely against the attacks on her family and am insulted on her behalf that the question of whether she can be a Mom and VP at the same time. On the other hand, we need to hear her express her positions and the only way that will happen is if she's allowed to actually speak to the press.

I'm also secretly hoping that the country will see how wrong she is about stuff -- and vote for Obama as a result.


Psych Post Doc said...

yes, yes let her speak! ;)

Anonymous said...

I agree.

Gord said...

Sexism? I don't think so. They are trying to protect her from being exposed as ignorant about all the issues that a VP should know about. It shows a lack of confidence in her ability. To think that protection is sexist may very well be the definition of a sexist attitude. Let her speak, Republicans. Let's see if she has a grasp of the issues or at least can think quickly enough to realize how complex some of them can be.

Inside the Philosophy Factory said...

The question is whether or not they would have protected a VP candidate in a similar way? I think they wouldn't have done it -- perhaps they would/should have chosen a male VP candidate who actually knows more.

If their motive is to hide her lack of knowledge, then it seems to me that they selected her because she has little knowledge -- and, as such they can shape her however they want -- which is just another instance of white males controlling a woman... nothing new AND no reason to suddenly see the Republicans as pro-woman.

If their reason is that they are afraid of what she might say, then they really don't want a woman who can speak her mind... instead they want the 'naughty librarian'/ 'I can ride a snowmoblile and field dress a moose' woman -- either way, they selected a trope, which seems pretty sexist to me.

julie said...

It isn't the Trope that's sexist, or the interviewers, or the media: it's the whole fucking system that's sexist!

She was *picked* because of her sex, nothing more. Sure, she had conservative cred, but so did plenty of males. She was *picked* precisely because she was the kind of trophy-wife-bangle-bracelet-Vanna-White-accessory that the geezer needed to feel manly -- meaning, *ahem* leaderly.

I wish people would wake up and smell the patriarchy.