Sunday, September 09, 2007

What would you do if you won the lottery?

After the exciting but mundane task of sending checks to pay off EVERYTHING... what would you do?

First, hubby and I would find someplace to live and work on our dissertations. That place would probably be a bit larger than our current place with spectacular views and lots of good, healthy restaurants close by. We'd be close to an excellent library.

Then, we'd take time to travel. We'd go everywhere --- really. When we got tired of Europe, we'd come back to North America for a while, because there are parts of Canada we have yet to see. --- After that, we'd go to Australia and New Zealand, and we'd see all there was to see of Asia. Then, we'd come back to the states for a while to shop for new suitcases and travel clothes while we planned trips to South America and Africa. Finally, we'd go to the Middle East --

After a while, I'm sure we'd be wanting to settle down.... and we'd need places to live.

I'd have a small cabin in Northern MN -- near or on Lake Superior. There really is no place better to spend the summer. It is cool, beautiful and serene.

I'd have a cottage on the ocean, maybe warm, maybe just not cold... like the Oregon coast.

I'd keep the condo in Minneapolis, because there is something about the Twin Cities that is ultimately home.

As for work, we'd have to negotiate that. I really wouldn't mind picking up some sections at the local CC wherever we ended up. I do like teaching. It keeps my mind working and it lets me make contributions to the future. I'd just rather not do so much of it....

The other question... what wouldn't you do?

I don't see us buying a lot of stuff. Right now we have enough stuff to be comfortable. We have two cars, plenty of clothing and decent furniture. I'm sure that when we replace things, they'll be nicer than the stuff we have now -- but I don't see us increasing the actual amount of stuff.


Seeking Solace said...

I would have about 100 acres of woods and fields, with a nice log cabin. I would also have a house on the beach.

Travel, definately travel.

I wouldn't buy a lot of stuff either. Maybe some clothes, shoes and handbags.

I would adopt a few more doggies and kitties for my home in the woods!!!!

Work... no way!!!!

undine said...

Pay credit cards. Pay mortgage. Pay loans. Be free of these!

Give some to charity & family members.

Get a writing house or a cottage.

This is fun!