Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Good news for an old friend...

Not long ago I found out that my old friend C has a new career.

I met C when she was hubby's first college debate coach. She's the one who lured me into being a debate coach. She gave me the opportunity to try coaching, she mentored me and helped me get into the debate world.

C left coaching to finish law school, get married and have kids. She had her first son during her last semester of law school. Although she had both an MA and a JD, she decided to stay home and raise her boys. Mr. C could support them and she thought it was more important to stay home with her kids than to get a job.

In many ways C has been kind of a model of how I think the modern feminist ought to live her life. She's smart, educated, assertive and very willing to be feminine. She's willing to make the hard decision to stay home, in the face of significant family pressure, in order to raise her children. If there are "waves" in feminism, I want to be on the same wave as C.

Now it seems that C has found the PERFECT job, for her. She has the right kind of people skills for this job and definitely the right kind of kick-ass attitude to be effective.

So, good luck C!!!! I know you'll be fantastic.

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