Friday, September 07, 2007

Some good things...

  • Hubby has an office -- finally. This lets him feel grounded and have some space that is 'his'. Being away from home is stressful for hubby and the house sitting arrangement is convenient, but he isn't in his own place. He's spending the weekend working on his research in his own office. While I'd rather have him sitting on the other half of our long worktable, the fact that he has someplace to call his own is good.
  • Hubby also got some good work news. That is all I can say -- but YEA!
  • It is starting to be fall -- it isn't really hot (90's!), it is kind of rainy and windy, so it is a good day to spend at the coffee shop working on my paper.
  • It is good to be the person saying that the emperor has no clothes. Since I'm no longer beholden to the group but have recently left, now is the time to say what I've been thinking. The thing is, I think that most people involved with the naked emperor mean well, but they are so caught up in the details that they've just believed the PR claims made on behalf of their activity. I know they have critical thinking skills, but asking the hard questions has consequences and what I've been saying lately is politically dangerous -- which is why I'm the one who can say it.
  • I'm going to a water aerobics class this morning with an instructor named "Gladys". She HAS to be an old woman, right? The close club has some awful instructors. They treat water aerobics just like a regular aerobics class. They teach it in regular clothes, so they couldn't demonstrate from the water if they wanted to. Worse, they teach it at the pace of a regular class with TERRIBLE music. It is a physical fact that the resistance of water is going to slow us down. Yelling "faster" isn't informative... So, I haven't had Gladys yet, but it has been my experience that older instructors are instructors because they were taking the class and wanted a new challenge.

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