Thursday, September 06, 2007

Connections, connections, connections...

Today was about making connections, and it was really nice.

My students are connecting with me, with the material and with one another.

In ethics I've started making time for in-class conversation in small groups -- and it is working. Once they have a chance to chat with a few pals to sort out their ideas, they are more confident speaking in class.

In logic they are getting more comfortable asking me questions in class. They are speaking up when they don't understand something and letting me know when I've made a mistake on the board... I always tell them that they need to watch me, as I sometimes have the equivalent of typos on the board -- and it is up to them to watch me.

I made a great personal and professional connection...

I had a great meeting with a really dynamic woman at my college. She has an amazing program she's worked really hard to establish -- and it looks like I could be part of it. We are considering a learning community pairing that combines an ethics course with a women and gender studies course. I think it could be fantastic.

Hubby gave me some good news about a conference...

An actual conference in my area -- military ethics -- in a warm place, in January... sounds lovely!

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