Wednesday, September 19, 2007

What I'm finding funny today...

Kermit and Big Bird -- after hours

The text is below, but hitting the link and then going to "Kermit and Big Bird in Pot Shock" is worthwhile. I have it on my ipod in both the 'revision' playlist and the 'grading' playlist....

and, yes -- the paper is going well -- thanks!

Hello, Kermit The Frog here
And welcome to Sensamere Street
I'd like to tell you what today's letter is
But I am really f**ked up!
Hey, hey Big Bird
Do you know what today's letter is?
Sure Kermit! Today's letter is... Joint
Urrr.... Big Bird, joint is not a letter
It is a word
Sorry kids! Todays letter is three!
Umm.... Big Bird, three is a number
Exactly! the number three
Which is how many joints I've smoked today
Kermit.... are ya with me?
mmm... God Im stoned!.... Me too!
[Starts laughing]
[Elmo] Guys guys! Show go on, Come on!
Uh, thank you Elmo, um
How about we say our ABC's Big Bird?
A... B... C... D... E... F.... uh G
I forgot what we were doing Kramit!
Did you just call umm me Kramit?

Yes I did
Mmm Kramit The Frog here
[Starts giggling]
Ok, ok thats all the time we have for today
Goodbye kids, todays show was brought to you by
The uhh... letter...
And the number...
God you're messed up
F**k you, the number f**k you
Bye bye
Bye bye kids

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