Wednesday, September 26, 2007

New kitty and the automatic litter box...

A bit of history: New Kitty gets freaked out by the printer. It puts paper out and pulls it back in to print on the back. This makes her think it is somehow her mortal enemy. She doesn't like the sound it makes and she took a hunk out of hubby's hand when he touched her while she was watching IT do it's evil deeds... (like printing political science and philosophy articles... oh no, not that!). I suspect she's afraid it will start to do other things, like come alive and eat her catly companions.

Since we've moved into the new place, I've been VERY good about cleaning the box. Every day they get scooped.... and they are getting accustomed to such service..

Problem is, my sweet hubby is in Red State and I want to go see him.

enter, the automatic cat box.

I'm going to Red State tomorrow.

I set it up tonight, under the supervision of New Kitty (who supervises EVERY bathroom move, in either bathroom).

I scooped some of New Kitty's litter on top of the crystal stuff and went to put her into the new box, so she'd know what it was... To say she reacted badly would be a huge understatement.

She has found a new enemy, the cat-eating litterbox. She showed her hatred of the thing by clawing up my arm. I now have several long gashes in my left arm, thanks to her.

I suppose she'll either use it or use the inconvenient one... if she decides to punish me like she punished hubby, the cat and I are going to have a little "chat". I hope that by the time I get back from Red State on Monday that she'll be friends with it -- but, I'm not exactly hopeful.

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