Sunday, September 30, 2007

Procrastination techniques...

So, today I have about 20 logic papers to grade and a lecture on feminist ethics to prepare.

What have I done instead?
  • gone out to get coffee
  • started to read a book
  • found a bunch of podcasts for my trip back to BNstate
  • wrote an e-mail to my department about our latest adminsitrivia
  • looked at my calendar
  • started a list of stuff to bring back with me next weekend
  • watched the neighbor grandkids cavort in the yard
  • laundry (which was necessary due to some mysterious smell on most of the clothes I left here that we're calling "dead dog funk").
What else can I do??
  • Eat Indian food leftovers
  • watch more home shows
  • take a nap
  • read more of the book about the boys of Sierra Leone (that is dissertation research, kind of)
  • clean the kitchen
  • clean out my car
  • go to the gym
  • play basketball
  • Send an e-mail to the philosophy people
yea, I'm a procrastination star -- go me....


Miss Kitty said...

Me too, ITPF! I've done almost everything except work on my conference paper today. You're not the Lone Ranger. :-P

But I hope your paper's better than mine. I'm having serious anxiety about reading this one out loud; writing it has been much harder than I'd anticipated.

Christopias Spritopher said...

My cousin is from Sierra Leone and he makes his own peanut butter, right before he eats it. He also robbed a pizza delivery boy when we were in High School and would have been deported if he weren't lucky. This story is true.

I would tell you a story that wasn't true but I was too busy with my own procrastination techniques to come up with one. Have a nice drive.