Saturday, September 15, 2007

Home show irritations...

I'm sick today. I should be finishing a conference proposal, but instead I'm blowing my nose and watching home shows while hubby naps and blind kitty has fits.

The home show things that bug me:
  • Using the word "slash", as in, "the couple wants a guest room slash office" or "we are making them a coffee table slash ottoman". The "slash" is supposed to be silent!
  • Hubby is bothered by the generic term "space". Why not use room?
  • People who are getting paid to work on these shows and complain about the kind of work they are doing or try to be lazy and skate out of the work. Ummm... it is your job to clean up the nasty black dog hair, chica! Do IT!
  • Homeowners who bitch about having to get rid of stuff when THEY asked the show to come in and help them sell their house!
  • The people whose ugly house gets transformed in order to be sold and they don't like the result. Isn't the point of the show to STOP living in that house? Won't a bedroom you find to b ugly bot that causes someone else to buy your nasty little place a win/win situation? You get rid of that dog of a house and you don't have to live in the now ugly bedroom!
  • People who are trying to flip houses without knowing what they are getting into... and then they bitch about it... I kind of like watching them flail-about and get themselves into trouble, but it bugs me when they start blaming their mess on someone else when even a quick look at the floor-to-ceiling cracks should have been a clue that the foundation sucks.....
Maybe I should get my ass moving, turn off the TIVO and get my proposal done.... or, not..

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