Thursday, September 13, 2007

Damm Californians...

I've been watching "Mission Organization" lately. They've done several garages. These garages are full of stuff without any room for the car.

When they get organized, they still don't put their cars in the garage. Their garages are places to store their big-kid toys, someplace to do laundry, crafts and work on bikes for a community project.

Umm.. .the reason your rec room has those big ugly doors that open onto the driveway is that you are supposed to put your CAR in there.

Yea, it is a crazy idea -- but, garages are made for cars. At least, here in the real world they are--- Maybe I'm just the victim of old-fashioned Midwest thinking... but --

They've never had to go outside at -40F, in the dark, in their parka, nightgown and boots to start the car and chip the ice off of the windshield so they can go to work.

They've never had to dig their car out of a snowbank before they can go to the mall.

They've never had to walk up the icy sidewalks with bags full of groceries, a purse, a computer bag and gym bag. And, they've never fallen flat on their asses while doing so.

Clearly, they've never walked out the door onto black ice, fallen on their as and turned around to crawl back into the house to call in sick.

Not to say I've done all of those things, but -- yea, I have.

Obviously, it is fall-like around here. I'm thinking about winter and marveling at people who voluntarily give up being able to park their car in the garage. I grew up without a garage -- and once I lived with one, I'll never live in a snowy state without one.


Christopias Spritopher said...

I miss seasons.

Pilgrim/Heretic said...

Our neighbors are like that (we live in a non-snowy region). I see people watching TV in their garages, and I have No. Idea. Why. Do they not have living rooms?

Anastasia said...

hehe. I've done some of those things and yea...people who don't live in those climates and never have just really, really don't get it.

Inside the Philosophy Factory said...

I think what they really don't get is what it feels like to sit on a cold vinyl car seat -- one that has been sitting outside overnight well below zero.

The cold pierces your jeans immediately. Then, you have to drive -- but, driving in mittens is tricky and touching the steering wheel with your bare hands risks cold burns.

The really tricky part of driving, if you can stand the rest of it, is the bad yoga positions you have to do to see out of the hole you were able to scrape in the ice on the windshield -- Plus, when you drive, you exhale warm air which frosts the inside of the window -- making it hard to see.

yea, they really don't get it.