Wednesday, September 19, 2007


Tomorrow is a teaching day. I'll spend my time with the administrivia of teaching and getting ready for next week. It helps that my Monday class is behind their T/Th counterparts (Labor Day was a Monday, like every year), so my Monday class is ready to go from this week :).

On Thursday night I plan to do the following:
go to the gym

Morning is for working on papers
Afternoon is meetings... sigh.

finish Ancient paper and send to Ancient prof.

Polish Supreme Emergency paper and send to supervisor

If I meet these goals I'm going to book myself a massage with a gift-card we got when we joined the gym.

If I can send out 50+ pages of polished work in one weekend, I'll need and deserve a massage.

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timna said...

I think I should go back to bed. I just read that as being about Supreme Emergencies in Poland...