Thursday, September 13, 2007

Philosophy student Public Service Announcement

or, the obligatory first post complaining about my students....

Here are a few hints and tips for philosophy students.

  • When you write a paper about a philosopher, use their NAME at least once. Using "the author" doesn't cut it.
  • Work in college must be typed. That is what it says in my syllabus. That is why we discussed the font size and spacing etc. Don't give me the crusty look when I don't accept the handwritten stuff. I have too many students to try to read your chicken-scratch. You should consider yourself lucky that I don't make you type logic exams.
  • When you turn in a paper late, don't fuss with me about how late it is. If I'm "not around to get it" when you decide to turn it in, that isn't my problem. My syllabus is clear that late penalties are assessed when I GET IT. This is the only fair way, as I don't know when you dropped it off. I also have no freaking duty to be in my office just in case you want to leave the masterpiece with me. Get the fuck over it and don't pout.
  • Do the homework, really --- or you'll be sorry. Or, just wait until Tuesday when you get your pathetic quizzes back. Really, they suck and ALL of the problems are directly out of your textbook. I'm really pretty lazy AND I know you probably didn't do your homework, so the questions will be new to you. Next time ask better questions and you'll have fewer surprises.
  • When you e-mail me, tell me which class you are in. Also, proofread your e-mails -- please. That 's enough complaining about student e-mails, look elsewhere -- I agree with EVERY complaint.
  • Pay attention to when you have quizzes. Really, it is to your advantage to do so. Also, just follow the freaking directions on your quiz. Right now I'm finding y'all pretty pathetic, as you are missing points because you won't follow instructions on how to complete the quiz.


Dr. Crazy said...

The way I deal with the "how late it was, how late" question is that I make it clear that they should have a department secretary time/date/initial it before leaving it in my mailbox. If they do that, I then have confirmation that it was submitted at a particular date/time. I also have stopped fighting the fight about students trying to submit stuff via email in the following fashion: if you email it to me, I'll count it as submitted when the email is time/date-stamped. BUT. If you don't give me a hard copy within one week? You get a zero. And I won't comment. These two things have saved me SO many headaches, and they don't try to negotiate with me anymore.

Inside the Philosophy Factory said...

Our secretary isn't around enough to have her be a reliable verification...

I decided a while back not to accept any e-mailed assignments. I had too many "I sent it, I'll go send it again"... only to receive a terrible paper 3 hours later, clearly written in the computer lab before sending out. I don't count it at all until I get a hard copy.

I really should institute a "no comments on late work" policy.