Sunday, January 14, 2007

The snowy mountains, me and Sunshine...

So -- when the team was done debating I gave them a choice.. They could go back to the hotel and watch football, hang out at the tournament and get a ride back to the hotel, or go to the mountains.

The only mountain-taker I had was Sunshine... and even though it was snowy and the visibility was crap, and it was getting dark, we had a good time.

Sunshine had never been to the Rocky Mountains before... we ended up going up Loveland Pass to the Continental Divide. When we got there, we realized that being at nearly 12,000 feet made us pretty giggly -- so we had some fun. We took pictures and I tried to ignore the four guys who were pissing on the other side of the road..

On the way home we stopped in Idaho Springs at the Buffalo Bar. I didn't realize that Sunshine loves buffalo... so the trip was a hit.

It was really nice to get to know Sunshine. She's packed a lot of interesting experiences into her life.

Tomorrow I'll get home, after two weeks away. While I'm sure Brain was an amazing cat sitter (if you are reading.. thanks a TON, I owe you dinner, plus some!) I'm also sure the cats will be really irritated with me.

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