Monday, January 15, 2007

Home Sweet home...

It was nice to land in BN state -- give a Somali cab driver directions to my place and come home...

Tonight I've:
-- showered in my own shower
-- put on my favorite PJs
-- found something to munch on
-- pet the cat (repeat... )

I think tonight I'll get around to unpacking my suitcase, as I have to pack it again on Thursday. Otherwise, I'm going to hit my own bed early -- watch some DVR and pet the cat..

Tomorrow I'll sleep until I wake up and then go to campus to clean my office and make sure my copies are ready for the first day of school. I'll probably prep the first couple of weeks and do some elecronic housekeeping..

1 comment:

timna said...

enjoy the day (or is it 2?) at home!