Wednesday, January 31, 2007

A cleaning person

So, I'm considering hiring someone to come in and clean our apartment.

The thing is, it isn't as if I don' t have time to do it -- I hate that excuse for almost everything -- it is more like there are other things I'd rather be doing when I have days off. If hubby is home, I'd rather hang with him than clean the bathroom and when he isn't home, I'm often not home either. Also, with my travel schedule I have fewer weekend days off and I think I need to use my days at home to work on my dissertation.

On the other hand, I've read "Nickle and Dimed" and am having some pretty basic class guilt about this. Although, I should say that I used to clean houses for a living --- until the paychecks bounced too often -- So I know it would be a pretty easy job to do our place. Just, spiff up the bathroom, change the sheets, vaccume the whole place, dust and spiff up the kitchen. They'll have no catbox duties, nor will they do more than a load of laundry (depending on how long they'll be here... hmm). Were I still a cleaning person, I'd like to do our place.

and -- that is the other part of my problem, if I'd want to do it as a cleaning person --- why don't I just DO it?

Really, if I could just trade with someone for about an equal job -- it would be ideal. I'd go clean their place every other week and they'd come to mine. I could dust, vaccume etc without being tempted to do deeper cleaning, take a nap, watch TV or any of the other things that distract me when I go to clean our place.

Of course, we have an amazing vaccume.... they wouldn't have to haul theirs out of the car -- which was one of the nasty parts of cleaning places.

hmmm.... thoughts?


Bitty said...

Or...there might be something you actually enjoy doing -- not cleaning -- that you could barter for some housecleaning.

Bardiac said...

I hired a local company; one of my friends was working for a co-op that helps local small businesses get started, and helped them get started, and so knew that they treated their workers decently, paid a living wage, and so forth.

I'm really happy with the company, and it helps me keep the house neatish to know that someone's going to come do the dusting, vaccuuming, kitchen and bathroom. (They don't need to do laundry or change sheets at my place. It never occurred to me that someone else would do that for me, or that I'd want them to.)

undine said...

Let us know how it goes. I've never had a cleaning service but bardiac's comment and your post make it sound worthwhile.