Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Damm-you cable company

So, our cable saga started sometime just before we left for our long trip..

The lower channels worked fine, but nothing worked above about 26 or so...

In the bedroom, where we have the digital cable box, the HD stuff worked -- but nothing in the analog range...

We figured it was temporary and left town.

It wasn't -- when I got home all of the stuff I'd TIVO'd and DVRd (we have both.. yea, extravagant...) on those channels was either scrambled or blank.

I thought it was because of the old phone-cable box and our change to Vonnage.

A super nice cable guy came out to help me. When he removed the old phone box, the digital cable was fine -- but the TIVO wasn't.

It turns out that the problem was in the box downstairs -- his bone-head comapny put a Video block on our line-- that was supposed to be on someone else's line.

Translation: They f-ed up and blocked MY cable... and I'm going to get a credit out of them if it kills me. It is the best I can do for missing some of my favorite stuff...

yea -- wish me luck!

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Anonymous said...

Sounds more pathological than debatable. Make sure to mark your calendar appropriately next time!

Good luck!