Thursday, January 11, 2007

From sun to gray

My debaters weren't interested in a trip to the mountains, once they found out that South Park doesn't really exist. I wasn't really excited about it, only because the weather is gray and nasty -- so the views wouldn't be good anyway.

I told them that South Park didn't exist when we were in Minnesota -- but they didn't believe me until they asked the slowest waiter in the world at Village Inn.

it is kind of sad to go from the desert to the snowy mountain city were many people were stuck in the airport. I'm missing the cacti - -and the hubby. It was REALLY hard to resist a couple of out-bound flights at the airport... one would have put me back in Red State, the other back in desert state -- but, I resisted the urge.

While I was waiting for the debater's flight to come in, I wandered around the suburbs a bit and saw the apartment hubby lived in when I first started to visit him. The neighborhood is rough and it looks like they are revamping the building, but for now the back looks the same -- I took some photos..... and rememberd the old times (hubby, you should be blushing now...).

Since we are here for two debate tournaments, we'll have a practice round before dinner and a practice round after dinner -- they are rusty and I know it. I also know that they haven't done the work I told them to do over break, so they could have a rough weekend. At the end, we'll have a little discusion about doing the things I tell them to do -- and that every one of those things has an f-ing reason behind it. For now, I'm trying to stay positive and not get pissy with them. They are young and cocky -- (one actually said to me in December "I don't think they'll use those topic areas anyway, so I ignored them" - It took all my will power not smack him and say, so -- how long have you been coaching and holding out on me -- asshat).

And, who knows, maybe they are right and they didn't need to do the work I told them to do -- we'll see.

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