Saturday, January 20, 2007

Back in Red State, tournament 1

As usual, the Red State cold tournament is one of my favorites... I love to see the old friends here. The debates I watched were mostly interesting.

I wish my teams had done better, reading the ballots will be interesting. I think the rock stars are 2/4 and Sunshine and Swear Jar may be 3-3. They have some partnership issues to sort out -- I'm trying to keep my eyes on the nationals prize... it isn't easy, but I can do it.

I saw D1 today -- he's his normal self -- whatever that is... Tomorrow I expect to see Bex and Brain -- along with hubby.

I may insist on Indian food tomorrow night, as hubby went to play with Brain today instead of hanging out here with me. That may be the price he'll pay -- the rock stars can order a pizza if they don't like it.... I kind of don't really care.

I've decided that I'm going to be aware of stopping being their mothers.... they don't need one, they need a coach. So, I'm on a kick of treating them like adults. Requiring them to watch rounds doesn't mean that they'll pay attention in those rounds etc... So, I'm not going to insist they do so. On the other hand, I'm also not going to worry too much if they don't break -- especially if they make rookie mistakes that could have been avoided by being in touch with what is going on.

Sunshine is trying -- as Kristy would say -- "bless her heart"... which is what she says about people who try hard but sometimes miss. She's worried about making Swear Jar mad. The thing is, Swear Jar is going to be Swear Jar no matter what. He may get irritated, but he'll get over it. She has a typically female thing about not wanting to disappoint people (sounds like Bex... hmm). In some ways Swear Jar is like the Woodchuck -- so it kind of fits. Maybe a little Bex therapy would do her some good.

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