Thursday, January 25, 2007


On the way to me:

1) My sweet hubby -- the cats and I miss him. He'll be here tonight for the whole weekend.... he doesn't have to go home until Monday. I'm looking forward to sharing the DC....

2) My new Coach purse (too lazy to link... it is a classic tan one with a flap, no clasp...). According to FedEx it will be here by 4:30.

I'd rather hubby be here by 4:30 -- oh well, by that time he'll be in "I don't know math" state.... on the way to me :).

Project progress:
I'm back into an old paper with the determiniation to do it right and get it accepted. Just getting started represents overcoming a huge hurtle for me. A trip to the library this weekend will let me find the articles -- AGAIN -- (somehow I keep losing them, don't know why... are there paper gnomes or something??) . Again, another exciting thing.

After the FedEx guy comes, I'll go to PetCo and to get a few groceries. Hubby and I plan to huddle in the DC this weekend getting stuff done and will need some good snacks. Then I'll finish some cleaning -- including loading the dishwasher, cleaning the Zen garden in the cat's bathroom, as well as some laundry -- while I wait for hubby to come home to me (and my new purse :) ).

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