Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Dear Students...

In case you are wondering...

1) Those signs by the door don't always indicate class is cancelled. Sometimes, like THIS time, the sign means the class moved down the hall. After the first day, most of you got a clue--- but one of you didn't get a clue until today.... but, that's ok, Mr/Ms. Clueless also thought the class meets MWF, when it is only MW..... Please think twice about working with this dingbat.

2) Your instructor can usually tell if you come to class high... we may not care enough to make a stink, but we can tell. We'll only make a stink if your being high is impacting other people or wasting our time... and sometimes, not even then. The fact that we don't make a stink doesn't mean that your being high isn't irritating or disrespectful to us, it only means that making a stink is more trouble than YOU are worth.

3) Just coming to class three hours per week is NOT sufficient to earn 3 hours of college credit. The standard is 2-3 hours of homework PER HOUR of class. Expecting you to do an average of 6-9 hours of work per week of class isn't at all unreasonable. If your class is an 'early finish' class that meets two nights per week, the average expected workload should be 12-18 hours per week. This equation is in your syllabus, had you chosen to read it.

4) To my Intro to Phil class and my Logic class -- I don't know you yet, but I do love you. You are talkative and seem to be thinking about what I'm saying. Please don't lose these great qualities. You are also coming to class -- which is a habit you need to keep. If y'all test and present as well as you are talking right now, you will have earned your As. Please don't make me hate you by May... I really don't want to.

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