Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Old Kitty

Old kitty went to the vet yesterday and came back without any teeth. She's really, really mean when you try to look in her mouth -- so, when the vet went in to pull a couple of teeth they ended up pulling them all.

She's now home and more active than she was before she left. This makes some sense, as the vet said she'd start to feel better almost right away.... and, I think the pain medication helps a bit :).

For now she's eating a kind of gross mixture of babyfood and water. The vet thinks she'll be able to eat regular canned food in a few days -- about the time she's off of her pain medication. She'll be on antibiotics for about 10 days, so I'm going to play it safe and board her when I'm in California this weekend.

I also realized that I had a long-term problem, getting Old Kitty canned food while I'm out of town. In the past I could fill up the cat dish, lock the door and come back to irritated but fed cats. Now that she needs wet food every day, and seeing as how wet food gets icky if left out, I faced a quandry. Boarding is way too expensive and asking my cat sitters to do every other weekend isn't fair even to the most wonderful of friends...

Of course, like many problems -- the internet provided a solution, an 8-day cat feeder. For 69.95, the internet will send me a programmable cat feeder built for my Old Kitty -- When I'm gone for 4 days, she'll get two feedings per day. I ordered it and I should get it sometime next week.

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Bitty said...

Hello! I know I've been here before and I meant to come back after your kind comments at my "house" recently. But I'm not prompt.

Imagine my glee to find you addressing a problem that, it appears, we share. Might you revise the post to link to that cat feeder? I went away over the holidays only to find that my unintentionally unreliable son forgot to drive over to refill my inadequate cat feeder. (I think Molly had recently run out because she didn't appear to be ravenous when I dished out the goodies.) I obviously need a system much better than what I have.