Saturday, January 13, 2007

Debate update...

Things are going a bit better than I'd feared they would.. but, they could do so much better... aargh.

A couple of my debaters are really starting to shine. The are getting it and doing well -- problem is their partners aren't doing as well and seem to be holding them back.

I wish I could put the stars together and leave the others to suffer the consequences of their lack of improvement -- but, the stars butt heads. If they could work together, they'd be awsome... but, I think they both want to be the lead sled dog.

Who knows how the semester will end -- and I know March will come sooner rather than anybody here with me can understand now...

I decided that if the kept the good attitude going, we'd go to the mountains when they are done debating tomorrow... we may not have the time to do it, but if they can manage two back to back tournaments and still be upbeat at the end of the second one, they deserve the reward.


Katie said...

Dude, totally agree on the need for fun stuff in between tournaments in a row - if we hadn't taken a break, I think I would have died in the middle of Texas.

Anonymous said...

Oh the Windy City has also seen that about 10 days ago. But that is not the reason why I quit or I'm called Big John.

Big John

PS: NOT NECESSARY to insist on the reason for my being named Big John. I'll tell you in three or four days.

Anonymous said...

Totally agree here myself.

It's like that first time I had like a debate contest, and like had to go all the way to a different city and I had to write down my notes with my ideas and it was all ready and then I figured what debate is this we all have everything written down and tough luck, it is a problem, no debate, let's just say it's like a warfare of lectures of sorts.

It was neat, I didn't win.


Andy said...

Reminds me of the first debate I organized about 5 years ago. It was a drag, had to buy the buffet and I cannot tell you the day it ended and we had to clean it up.

Oh well, people learn from arguments and debates.


(BTW, it was the same debate about Translation Studies that some of the readers of this blog may have attended)

Anonymous said...

To the guy that teaches Spanish 300 by the library:

Remember when you said that if Jews hadn't been expelled from Spain, history would have been different? That was also in the thirteenth century, with the rise of cities and all, wasn't it?

Renaissance Man