Sunday, January 21, 2007

Good friends...

I have to say that I have some really good friends... especially Brain.

Brain came down to visit hubby this weekend. They played cards for a while on Friday and Saturday (hubby won me a new Coach purse I'll buy next week.. I've always wanted one...) and then came out to have dinner with me and the team.

On Saturday I started feeling icky -- in the urgent rushes to the bathroom way... I went home with hubby and Brain stayed in my hotel room and got my team to the tournament the next day. I have to say that I trusted him completely to handle the situation and he did so with his usual grace.

The plan had been for hubby and I to meet the team at the tournament -- but, in the middle of the night it was clear to me that I wouldn't be up to judging any debate -- so hubby and Brain took over for me completely....

It must have been a quick bug and/or a bad food issue -- because I'm feeling a lot better tonight. I'm really happy about that, as we are flying home tomorrow morning really early and being sick and flying is awful.

The good news from the tournament is that the Rock Stars made it to finals -- which was their first elimination round. I'm happy for them.

The code word for the night -- "double-cactification'


timna said...

Hope you're feeling better, home (?) and tucked into bed. Do you have to teach this afternoon?

Anonymous said...

Is Brain related to Brian-iac? Can I look?

Any film recommendations if not?

Candy (Obsession and 4 Men)

shea said...

Try food poisoning and riding in a car for six hours (the original length of the trip is four hours but my constant throwing up out the car door sort of lengthened the trip). That was not fun.