Tuesday, November 07, 2006

So, how about that homework....

Dear Logic class,

Savor today, enjoy the B averages you have... because we both know you haven't been doing your homework and don't have half a clue as to how to do basic proofs.

Tomorrow you'll have a quiz. It will be ugly and you'll leave class wanting to cry. You'll also go out into the hallway and look in your textbook for the quiz problems. They'll be there, just like I told you in class. Then look in your notes for the solutions, they won't be there -- because you didn't do your homework.

In fact, you could have asked me any question you'd like. You could have asked me any of those hard questions at any time -- but, you weren't ready for the answers and you had no clue that you hadn't a clue.

You also could have come for the optional days -- about 1/3 of the class comes... the 1/3 that skipped days I told them not to.... so, they were playing catch-up.

When you want to cry about not getting it, I'll be nice and remind you that we've had this discussion about it being hard. In my mind, I'll be laughing at you -- so there.


bungle said...

Well, what's needed is a way to make deductive systems fun. Instead of Project Runway, how about "Project Syllogism"?

You get up in front of them and say "For this challenge you will need pattern recognition and skill in symbolic manipulation..." with something of a wistful German accent.

"You will have 1 hour at the campus bookstore to find your copy of Tidman and Kahane..."

etc, etc

W0000T~! Do it! Do it!

Natalie said...

you could have a "logic-off." Imagine what Daniel V. would say about that.