Monday, November 27, 2006

Grading jail -- with "Family Guy"

This is my last set of papers to grade before finals... the last set of detailed comments I need to give (yea!!) and the last set with a really tight deadline.

and I want them done... NOW. I'm watching "Family Guy" as I grade. It helps.

I have 6 left. One on euthanasia, two on same sex marriage, one on intellectual property and two kind of on politics.

Hubby will call in about 40 minutes. I want to be done with the same sex marriage ones by then... leaving me only three to read before I go to sleep.

Between the family guy and the cat with extra-toes I think I can do it.


timna said...

sounds like a plan. I have 7 to go. I'd really like them done before I sleep tonight.

Dr. Lisa said...

Go go go graders!!!