Saturday, November 11, 2006

of high judges and dumb-asses....

So, my boys ended up 3/3 and the girls 2/4... (although, I really think 3/3 -- explained below..).

The boys were 8th seed, so, if they'd done quarterfinals like they'd planned, they would have broken and hit the top seed... which I think they'd beaten in prelims... not bad.

I'm having a bit of an issue with judges. We are in an area that used to do another kind of debate. There two kinds of judges... 1 Those judges think they can judge our kind of debate the same way, and expect the same standards --- but the f-ing event is different. These sorts will make tactical suggestions that make sense with two rebuttals, but are abusive with only one... they just haven't had enough experience and don't realize that there is a body of debate theory thinking on the issue.

2) The ones that think our kind of debate is somehow lesser, and worth less of their attention. One of this sort was actually chemically impared this weekend -- and claimed that one of our teams didn't have any of a certain type of argument that they had about 7 of... What makes me mad about these judges is that, if their prefered form of debate was so f-ing wonderful, why is it dwindling?? As it is, don't disresepct me and my students.... at least we can keep our form of debate alive.

Our next tournament isn't unil January -- and it should be some fun. It will be a nationals-quality judge pool and a lot of fun...

I'll get the tickets next week -- and make the reservations and stuff so the planning will all be done before the crazy end of the semester stuff starts all too soon.

For now, it is nice to know that the next debate trip is mid-January and I can focus on dissertation and grading...

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