Thursday, November 09, 2006

Secret notes...

To my MTV students,

This isn't an audition for the Real World. Do your homework, don't come to class hung-over and pay attention. Your grade is based on your work, not how cool or sutty you are.

Your phil prof

To Miss-thing,

Don't be mean to people who are doing you a favor. The way you've been acting will get you in trouble and you've made me decide that I won't deal with you anymore.

you know who... or, you can guess.

To Dr. Thing...

If you think the "Dr." or the "PhD" is necessasry within a small community, then you should think about why that is. You may be a perfectly nice and able person, I honestly don't know. What I do know is that adding the "Dr." or "PhD" to your name isn't going to get you the respect and recognition you may actually deserve.

another member of that community...

To 'cool' debaters...

Sorry, y'all arent all that cool. Those 'cool' arguments are actually quite shallow and never would have flown 5 years ago. The only reason they work now is that there are enough shallow judges in the pool that think they are good arguments. Go back to actual arguments and stop being a poser... you'll actually learn something.

your 'non-cool' judge

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