Sunday, November 26, 2006

More grading jail...

Hubby and I are doing a virtual grading jail... he's in Red State and I'm in Big Northern state.

It is more like a short confinement, as we have a chat date to watch a TV show at 9:00.

My grading jail has a new feature... a candle. When I moved from Red State, my friend and hairdresser gave me a Boston Harbor candle, butter rum. It smells great -- I burn it at this time of the year -- when it starts to get chilly and I miss having a fireplace. Smelling it makes me think of my friend -- and it is nice to have a companion in grading jail.

back to work... at least the papers on abortion are done. Strangely, none of them managed to actually complete the assignment.... even though I warned them about the topic... hmmm.

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