Monday, November 13, 2006


I don't believe I'm admitting I went to see that movie... but I did.

If it really was intended to represent Kazashstan, it would be sad and scary...

If it was intended to say something about the United States -- it is pretty much right on.

Sure, it has more than its share of gross parts, some of them really gross (the naked wrestling part -- ewwwww). On the other hand, the parts where he's seeing racist and sexist behavior, nasty frat boys in a motor home and having a good night out with a prostitute are a pretty sad statement about our country.


Christopias Spritopher said...

I would be surprised if you did not go to see Borat. I am not calling you trash but I am saying that you have a soft spot for places that are small, unstable and end in stan.

edgewithjake said...

hi there,

i'm about to write a paper on borat and philosophy for a college class here in NYC. do you think you might have any ideas to share?

If so, email me, Looking to create an interesting dialog.