Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Grading Jail and logic update

First the logic class update...

The other class took their quizzes yesterday and I graded them this morning. They did very well -- so, perhaps it wasn't exactly me or that the material was too hard.

My solution of an extra-credit small-group quiz seemed to work out, or at least give them a combination of some individual help from another student AND some hope of salvaging their grade. They left feeling better and several thanked me for doing it -- perhaps in response to how cranky I was with them last week when I was sick... they seem to have realized that I didn't have to do it and went out of my way to think of an educational solution for them. There was a nice side benefit of having my better students act as peer tutors in class, giving them the chance to explain the logic... Tomorrow I will only see the ones who did poorly, we'll do some remedial work and answer questions before we get back on track.

Today is grading jail day...

After doing my dreaded expense reports and other picky details at school, I went to the grocery store for snacks and the stuff for veggie chili. The veggie chili recipie is very easy... put all the canned veggies you'd want in chili into the pot (don't drain the cans... that is good juice you're wasting...) season it like you would your favorite chili and let it cook a while.

My plan, following a favorite blogger I don't recall off the top of my head, is to freeze the leftovers for lunches in the next couple of weeks. It is very healthy and tastes yummy.... as chili spices have no fat :).

As the chili cooks, I've been in grading jail.

So far I've graded the extra-credit logic quizzes, done all the logic problems for the next set of rules and I'm about to tackle the first set of papers. These papers are more bulky than they are hard to grade... I just need to get to it --

After I'm done with one set, I'll have chili for dinner...


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~profgrrrrl~ said...

Ah, yes, grading jail. I hope you get sprung quickly :)