Friday, November 10, 2006

Last tournament of the semester...

I'm in the cheese state for a tournament... our first ever here.

The campus is kind of odd, not much of a campus feel about it, more like a city feel.... oh well.

The weather sucked big-time today. On our walk over to another building it was actually raining ice pellets. Big, hard, frozen raindrops falling from the sky. What a way to start the tournament.

The girls and the boys are 1-1 so far. The boys took a hard beat on the first round, but all is well.

It is a good thing that we decided to come over last night, as some friends from BN state were trying to drive over today and hit some nasty winter weather. It seems that the highway was closed, and when it opened it was still really icky.... then they got into a fender-bender on the highway. I really feel for them -- both their head coach and the coach that is travelling with them are good friends and hitting weather like that sucks all around.

The tournament decided to change the scheudle so that they' only miss two rounds today and we'd do an extra round tomorrow when they could be here. So, tomorrow will be a little longer and today was a bit shorter -- so all is well.

Time for some cold medicine and some sleep.

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