Wednesday, November 08, 2006

MTV dreams

Being sick, I've been watching TV and eating junk food all day.

Junk TV goes along with the junk food, so it was kind of inevitible that I'd end up watching MTV.

And -- my students make just a little more sense to me now.

The ones that annoy the piss out of me want to be like the people they see on MTV.



Shelly said...

I know. It's sobering to watch that pop culture crap and realize how many students are influenced by it.

Michelle (fka Shelly)

bungle said...

So while you're in the Cave, might as well go fer broke, eh? MTV... that's not just the Shadows, it's shadows of Shadows, if that's possible. I imagine Plato's spirit sitting next to you when you watch MTV and sitting next to me when I watch Project Runway (why can't a spirit be two places at once? :D) and giving us sidelong glares of WTF????

If nothing else, at least we're aware on a certain level which might mitigate any untoward immersions. Tho' I'm sure PR has far more redeeming value than the entirety of MTV's dreck.

bungle said...
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