Saturday, November 04, 2006

A good pedicure does wonders

I have a good friend here in Red State who has opened her own hair salon. Her haircuts are expensive, but worth every penny. She's also like the older sister I never had, so it is always good to see her. Last weekend I got a haircut when I was here.... probably more because I wanted to see her than because I really needed one.

This weekend I went to get a pedicure from someone my hairstylist recommended. Dammm... it was good. Very relaxing, very calm and wonderful. She took care of my feet without complaining about my calouses or the fact that I have a typical Birkenstock ridge on my heel. She did her job well and it was worth the money I paid her.

and, I have bright pink toes....

I don't think I could go to anybody else for a pedicure -- it would be a disappointment for sure.


Bella Sultane said...

I'm jealous!! It's been forever since I've gone for a pedicure. :-(

Seeking Solace said...

Cheers for happy feet!!!

joshua said...

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Abbey said...

I'm jealous too, I keep thinking about going...maybe today!