Wednesday, September 13, 2006

tomorrow... I see my hubby

And, tomorrow I go to Red State -- to my other home... the one filled with other people's stuff, where hubby lives like a hermit crab and has way too much yogurt in the fridge. The home that isn't exactly a home because it has no cats... but hubby is there, which is what really matters.

Over the weekend we'll celebrate the 5 year anniversary of hubby getting out of the military. Yes - he was technically in the military on 9-11-01, on terminal leave and in school full-time. We figure that only the plane hitting the Pentagon kept him from being part of the stop-loss order that went out in the week after 9-11.

We may go play golf, Red State has some really good small golf courses. This is excellent, as I'm a terrible golfer (boobs get in the way!!!), although I love to go out if the weather is perfect (70 and sunny :).

There will be a Red State football game on Saturday -- and, although it would probably be the perfect time to golf as everyone will be watching THE GAME, there is something fun about watching Red State football on TV in Red State. Since this weekend will be their first real game (as opposed to playing the high school teams from elsewhere who make most of their budget by getting beat on by Red State football school) it could be fun. I may go to the grocery store just for kicks, as I know the game will be on the loudspeaker... it will make Red State feel more like home.

So -- by the numbers...
1 more wake-up until I see hubby
4 more classes to teach
6 debaters to coach
2 debaters to have a 'talk' with
11 abstracts to read
80 logic quizzes to take with me
1 logic exam to go with me
3 cats to leave at home

I think I'm going to enjoy my last weekend off before debate season gets rolling... because, this weekend I'm in Red State, next weekend is debate tournament #1...

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