Saturday, September 30, 2006

A secret note to my logic classes

Warning -- if you want to stay positive about students -- skip this post :)....

One simple thing -- getting the letters in the right places on the venn diagrams.

You couldn't do it, not even to earn doughnuts for the whole class. The deal was simple, if everyone in the class did it right I would buy y'all doughnuts.

I told you several times that you need to put the subject of the conclusion on the left circle and the predicate of the conclusion on the right circle and the middle term on the top circle.

I promised you doughnuts from the yummy independent doughnut place in my neighborhood... they are so good, and would have been a great treat for you the day you got your exams back...

but you had to go screwing it up. You couldn't follow one simple set of directions about how to do things.

Not even when yummy sugar treats were on the line.

You are pathetic... and I'm not at all sure how you are going to pass this class at this rate. What is really sad is that both classes lost their treat within the first few papers I graded.

If you can't pay attention to the simple details, the small ones that I stress in class -- how in the f-ck are you going to do complex deductions? No wonder a bunch of you failed this class before, you really can't follow directions -- and, that other teacher (wise woman) gives very good and precise directions and expects you to follow them.

goodness, I weep for the future -- please, keep your retail jobs and your jobs as rent-a-cops... please don't become nurses and real cops -- because you can't follow directions and I don't want your intellectual failures to come back to haunt me when I need you to save my life or the lives of someone I love.


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Seeking Solace said...

And they STILL couldn't do it, despite doughnuts????

That is truly pathetic. Maybe you should get doughnuts for yourself and eat them in front of the class as punishment!