Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Random thoughts...

-- I used a whole roll of toilet paper on my own. I'm starting on #2 today. I've also stopped closing the door when I'm here by myself. By the time hubby gets home next week I'll probably find silverwear optional.
-- I installed one of those automatic shower cleaning things last night. It was easy, I hope it works.
-- Today is the first ever BNCC philosophy department retreat. We are having a pot-luck at one of the member's new homes.. it should be fun. I really like my department and will miss them terribly if I end up working in Red State.
-- Yesterday I had 9 students come to my optional 7:45 class. Not bad out of a class of about 40. Of course, the looming exam will bring them out... and the fact that they didn't do well on the quiz :).
-- Some students just don't get it... they miss class in the prior week, missing the quiz -- and then they stop by at the beginning of the optional class time, but don't stay. They'll learn the hard way that they needed to be there.
-- There is an advertisement on the radio right now for snowblowers at Menards, and I love it! I like the fact that winter is on the way!
-- Hubby and I might be going to someplace warm in January so he can do a longish conference-like thing. I like this idea... 10 days in a nice hotel, me with a car, a pool and a pile of books. I especially like that his conference has nothing to do with my area, so I don't have to feel guilty about not participating.
-- I missed 'talk like a pirate day'. I only used "aargh" once, and that was in conversation with wise woman.
-- Hubby won some money at poker last night --yea!
--I had a nice chat with my favorite Great Aunt last night. She kind of randomly calls me to check in. She was trying out her new cell phone and was very proud of herself :). She's also the only one of that generation who sends e-mail. What is funny about her is that she'll write long letters long-hand, but she seems to treat e-mail like telegrams. I didn't tell her that there is an opening for Chancellor in Red State as she's the one who thinks I'll be Chancellor one day... I'm not quite ready for that.

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Aliki2006 said...

I love the "treat e-mail like telegrams" part. My dad rarely sends e-mail to me but when he does it reads very much like a telegram. My mom is the same way, except her "telegrams" are a lot wordier.