Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Area paper update...

Last night I worked on the philosophy of languge paper... I pruned it down and I think it is finally a coherent paper. It is now in the percolation stage -- to come out next week or so for a final polish and a send-off.

I also sent a poke e-mail to the history guy... It was, more or less, 'you know that paper you've had since June, would you please read it now so I can get on with it'? combined with 'the other two will be ahead of you, even though you had the fewest changes and I got it back to you within a couple of weeks of your sending me the comments -- so get off your butt and read it for goodness sakes!'.

This weekend, while I'm in Red State, I'll work on the supreme emergency paper (i.e. the paper to be known as chapter 5). I tend to work well on that stuff while I'm there --- and have my own version of the DC in the hubb's house :). After the philosophy of language paper is polished, the supreme emergency paper will get the polish and I'll send it off as well.

After that, I'm wondering about how I should proceed -- should I do the revisions on chapter 1, or start chapter 2? I'm leaning toward working on chapter 2, as it is one of the new areas of my thinking and, the shape of that will probably influence what chapter 1 looks like. I think this is what Supervisor calls, "writing from the inside out". I don't know why chapter 1 has to be perfected before I do chapter 2...

Just so you have an idea about what the dissertation will look like, I'm thinking about 5 chapters that look about like this..

chapter 1: current just war theory and what is wrong with it (what it doesn't cover and what it gets wrong)
chapter 2: revision of curent just war theory to be seen in light of X ethical theory
chapter 3: new area of just war theory -- justice before war -- formulated in light of X ethical theory
chapter 4: kind of new area of just war theory -- justice after war -- formulated in light of X ethical theory
chapter 5: how X ethical theory works out two main challenges for just war theory, double effect and supreme emergency exemptions to non-combatant immunity

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